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Synchronous Motor

Synchronous Motor

Synchronous Motor

Product ID: SD-83

We are a senior supplier of synchronous motor. For years, we’ve been presenting the best products to the market, and have been supported by a huge number of clients all over the world. The product is an alternating-current electric one designed to run at a speed that is directly proportional to the frequency of the electric power source. We are known as a reliable synchronous motor supplier who always considers the importance of quality, and owns a strict QA system to ensure the quality of our offerings. We have series of products, and if you need customization, we’re happy to serve you, too.

Suhder’s synchronous motor not only drives a load, but improves the power factor on the local grid it's connected to by providing reactive power to, or consuming reactive power from the grid. In this case it is called a synchronous condenser.

The Large equipment with power ratings of several megawatts is used in some industrial processes to take advantage of their high efficiency and the ability to control the supply power factor. On the other hand, the small synchronous motor is used in applications in which constant speed is crucial, such as in electric clocks, timers, phonographs, and tape recorders.

In addition to this type of motor, we also supply various products like synchronous AC, reversible, hysteresis (HTS), gear, and portable motors, etc. Please visit our showroom or contact us now for further product information!

»  Features:
  • High torque, low operating temperature rise.
  • Capable of damage free stall.
  • Gears made with the combination of brass, steel and DuPont.
  • SECC housing.
  • UL, CE and EMC certified.
  • When ordering synchronous motor
    • Standard sample is per drawing. Customized sample is available by request.
    • Please specify the shaft (diameter & length), bearing, motor specification (voltage, frequency, direction of rotation, output speed, torque) and application.
    • Special speeds, super torque and special designs are available by request.
    • Bearings are available in 4 sizes. There are also brass bearings and ball bearings available.
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Voltage(VAC)Watts(W)DirectionSpeed (50/60 Hz), Standard Torque
50/60 RPM, 500gf-cm↑
40/50 RPM, 600gf-cm↑
30/36 RPM, 900gf-cm↑
20/24 RPM, 1.6kgf-cm↑
17/20 RPM, 2.0kgf-cm↑
8/10 RPM, 4kgf-cm↑
5/6 RPM, 5kgf-cm↑
3/4 RPM, 7kgf-cm↑
2/3 RPM, 10kgf-cm↑
1/2 RPM, 15kgf-cm↑
0.8/1 RPM, 20kgf-cm↑
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Contact:Export Manager Kim Lin
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